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Wait… A soldering iron?

Many desktops in the space use the same ceramic heating elements that were developed for and used in certain soldering irons. They’ve essentially taken the soldering iron’s internals, built custom enclosures around them and integrated everything necessary to create a desktop. Most of them work just fine, and in fact the community of tinkerers and hobbyists within the space have discovered that with modification these sorts of heaters can even be ‘super charged’ so to speak, allowing for denser and more satisfying production. Our thought behind the TerpTorch was to provide this enhanced experience at a more affordable cost of admission, to make it more accessible to more people – and hopefully convert get even more people to join the community!

How can a soldering iron provide an affordable ‘enhanced experience’?

It’s simple! We’ve created a special tip for our soldering irons that is made from the highest quality materials that we could source, and we’ve incorporated the latest performance enhancements developed within the space. Then, instead of building an entirely new custom device around it, driving the cost higher – we include a special 14mm heating chamber that allows you to turn your favorite glass that takes a 14mm bowl into a high output and heavy hitter in the same class as more expensive desktop options on the market. This way instead of having to buy an already ‘premium’ priced desktop, having to buy the parts and modify it yourself, then buy another special adapter to use it with your favorite glass – you can simply pick up a TerpTorch and be off to the races. The resulting experience we think you’ll find to be quite satisfying!

Please note: The TerpTech soldering iron is currently only available in the 120v/60Hz version for the United States and Canadian market. We are already working on producing 240v/50Hz units for other international markets, and more news will be provided on this as it becomes available. Also, please remember this product is built around a soldering iron, and so it should go without saying that the metal end of the device gets extremely hot during use. Please use responsibly.


Terp Tech products and accessories are only intended for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. If you experience any side effects or possible side effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician. Please be responsible and keep out of reach of children and pets.


By purchasing and using these products you agree to hold Terp Tech harmless on any injury in the direct use or related use of these products and accessories.