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2021 TerpTorch – Complete Bundle (Soldering Iron, Tip Assembly Kit, & Deluxe Stand)


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What you’ll receive in this bundle is a TerpTech brand soldering iron (complete with LED display and digital temperature control) that has been calibrated and modified to suit the needs of this application, along with the TerpTorch Titanium Tip Assembly Kit. By unscrewing the soldering iron tip and replacing it with the TerpTorch tip, you can make this soldering iron a powerful thermal extraction device compatible with your favorite glass peices! (First picture shown is of the TerpTorch after assembly, the second is a picture of the contents of the kit before assembly)

What’s included: 

– 120v/60Hz TerpTech Soldering Iron

– TerpTorch Titanium Tip Assembly Kit

          – Titanium TerpTorch Tip

          – Borosilicate Glass Balls

          – Retaining Screens & Clips (1 set for your torch tip, and 1 set to keep as spares)

          – Retaining Clip Pliers

          – 2021 TerpTorch 14mm Glass Heating Chamber

          – 2021 Stainless Steel TerpTorch Tool

          – 14mm keck clip (color varies)

– Deluxe TerpTorch Stand


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